Academy courses is for you if…

You seek top of the line teaching equipment and facilities, to stay focused.

You demand professional Instructors with experience, to maximize your learning.

You believe that confidence is build in a safe, but challenging training environment.

What is the Academy…

Academy is the facility that combine and unite our different departments – Risk Advisory and Medical. First of all, our staff is situated here. In addition the Academy support different activities in the other departments. This could be logistic support, facilities but mostly support from our valued staff of instructors, which always is ready to educate in a professional maner. The Academy always strive to use the latest and advanced training equipment and techniques, in order to have a higher learning curve for our guests. The participants will experience realistic training scenarios that are created at the “Nest” because of quality training equipment and lots of space outdoor to create different scenarios.

When visiting the Academy we will always make sure that our guests is treated well. Make sure that their needs for catering is met in order to be motivated and ready to receive our education.

We look forward to see you as a guest at the Academy.


Course overview

  • Remote Medical Support Courses

    For those who seek medical support I a remote area

  • Wilderness and Outdoor Courses

    For those who wants to conquer the wilderness with confidence

  • Basic Life Support Courses (DFR)

    For those who seek Basic Life Support education

  • SafeConcept

    For those who wants a team or family with First Aid skills

Lets build a service custom-tailored to your needs.

Jens has more than a decade of experience as an elite soldier with the Danish Special Operation Forces and as Patrol Leader and instructor with Sirius Dog Sledge Patrol in Northeast Greenland. He has hands-on survival skills and several medic certifications, including ambulance rescue. Jens has also been an instructor in the Armed Forces Medical assistant program.

Jens Bonde

Head of Academy