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Jens has more than a decade of experience as an elite soldier with the Danish Special Operation Forces and as Patrol Leader and instructor with Sirius Dog Sledge Patrol in Northeast Greenland. He has hands-on survival skills and several medic certifications, including ambulance rescue. Jens has also been an instructor in the Armed Forces Medical assistant program.

Jens Bonde

Head of Academy

Training & Courses

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like knowledge and preparation.

  • Wilderness First Responder

    The International, medical training gold standard for most guide services, outdoor educators, research groups, military and professional search and rescue teams. Comprehensive and practical, the curriculum provides lectures in anatomy and physiology.

  • RMS Fundamental Course (2-days)

    Our RMS-course can consist of up to 4 days of education, where you choose to take all the days together or when it fits you, within a 2-year period. Each day you will be given the skills to use our medical packs, the complexity of the skills will be accumulated on how many days you are on the course.

  • Wilderness First Responder Recertification Course

    A comprehensive and practical course, ensuring your wilderness first responder recertification. The program includes lectures focusing on general review and bringing students up to date on the most current information as well as a night exercise.

  • Altitude Medicine Course

    A course for people who travel in high-altitude areas that want the knowledge and skills to manage high-altitude illness. The students will learn factors that increase the risk of severe high-altitude illness, and how to treat these with high-altitude medicine.

  • RMS Advanced Course (2 days)

    Main focus on developing your medical skills, learn how to use our Remote Base Camp Medic Pack, as well as specializing in telemedical treatment. The complexity of the skills will be accumulated on how many days you are on the course.

  • HEMT – Hostile Enviroment Medical Course

    The most comprehensive course of its kind to offer relevant and realistic tactical first-aid training for medic and first aid providers operating in a hostile environment with the unique factors that must be considered.

  • Arctic Wilderness – Fundamental

    Our Artic First-Aid course is the most preferred for most Danish organizations with a scientific agenda, that operates in the arctic region. The training is tailored for participants on scientific and adventurous expeditions within the arctic areas.

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