Refresher Course for Previously Trained CPR Participants. Brush up on your CPR & defibrillation skills. Emphasis on hands-on training & realistic scenario practice. By participating in this course you will be updated on your skills and still have confidence to react in an emergency situation.

This course is designed for individuals who have previously completed a CPR course but would like a refresher. The course will cover the review of CPR and defibrillation.

The knowledge, skills and competencies obtained in previous training tend to fade relatively quickly, which is why it’s very important to maintain them regularly.

In the event of cardiac arrest, time is a crucial factor. The chance of survival decreases by 10% every minute that passes, making it essential for the first responder to act correctly and decisively.

We place a strong emphasis on skill training and hands-on training in our teaching because our experience is that CPR is a craft that must be learned through hands-on experience.

We use only the best equipment available on the market, which enables us to provide accurate and objective assessment of CPR performance.

The course ends with realistic scenario training, where we train as close to reality as possible.

  • Refresher Course for Previously Trained CPR Participants
  • For individuals who have completed a CPR course and want to refresh their knowledge and skills
  • Covers review of CPR and defibrillation
  • Emphasis on maintaining knowledge, skills, and competencies regularly
  • Importance of correct and decisive action in case of cardiac arrest
  • Strong focus on skill training and hands-on training
  • Use of best equipment available for accurate assessment of CPR performance
  • Realistic scenario training to simulate real-life situations.

Course duration: 1 day (3 hours)

Requirements for attending the course:

  • 15 years of age
  • Have attended a DFR First Aid – CPR course (4 hours) within 3 years

Include: Beverages, snacks

Open course: DKK 500 + VAT.
For larger groups please reach out for a special offer.

Our course takes place in our unique facilities and surroundings in Sandbjerg, Hørsholm.