Learn how to handle Arctic-related medical incidents with confidence! This 8-hour course is designed for those who travel or work in cold areas. Gain a deeper understanding of the challenges in these remote cold areas, as well as skills to assess and treat injuries and health issues that may arise. Stay prepared and ready to act quickly in the event of an emergency.

The 8 hour course is for people who travel or work in remote cold areas. The course provides the participants with knowledge to understand and explain the cold environment and the incidents and challenges that occurs. In addition, the participants will be prepared to handle injuries and health issues that may arise. When incidents occurs it is important to react quickly and appropriate to ensure peoples health’s.
Some of the focus subjects during the course:

  • Primary focus on acute injured persons (MABCDE) – Tactical Field Care.
  • Handling big bleeds with bandages and tourniquet
  • Immobilization of bone fracture
  • Hypothermia treatment, and prevention
  • Treatment of frostbites and burns
  • Training in using our expedition First Aid Kit.
  • Examination of our medical packs
  • Ultra-realistic scenario training.

Course duration: 1 day (8 hours)

Include: Beverages, snacks and lunch

Requirements for attending the course:

  • 15 years of age

Open course: DKK 2.400 + VAT.
For larger groups please reach out for a special offer.

Our course takes place in our unique facilities and surroundings in Sandbjerg, Hørsholm.

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Jens has more than a decade of experience as an elite soldier with the Danish Special Operation Forces and as Patrol Leader and instructor with Sirius Dog Sledge Patrol in Northeast Greenland. He has hands-on survival skills and several medic certifications, including ambulance rescue. Jens has also been an instructor in the Armed Forces Medical assistant program.

Jens Bonde

Head of Academy