Master how to give medical care in any situation and location. Our fundamental RMS-course offers up to 4 days of expert-led education, tailored to your schedule and flexible to fit your needs. You’ll learn the skills to take best advantage of our medical packs. The level of expertise you’ll acquire is proportional to the number of days you spend on the course, with a tailored curriculum designed to match your progress and mastery of the skills.

Our course takes place in our unique facilities and surroundings in Sandbjerg, Hørsholm.

RMS Climate Course – Day one:
There will also be a primary focus patient examination with acute injuries.

  • Primary focus on acute injured persons (MABCDE) – Tactical Field Care.
  • Resuscitation with heart and lungs rescue and defibrillator
  • Handling big bleeds with bandages and tourniquet
  • Immobilization of bone fracture
  • Hypothermia treatment, and prevention
  • Treatment of frostbites and burns.
  • Training in using our expedition First Aid Kit.
  • Examination of our medical packs
  • Ultra-realistic scenario training.

RMS fundamental Course – Day two:
Secondary patient examination with a focus on telemedical communication with RMS – Duty Doctor

  • Introduction to Remote telemedicine
  • Secondary patient examination
  • The most serious/frequent acute diseases
  • Medical history with the use of the keyword – “SAMPLE”
  • Measurement of vitals (Blood Pressure, Pulse, Breathing, Oxygen saturation, Blood sugar, Temperature)
  • Radio medical procedure
  • Medical examination
  • Handing over a patient using the key word “ATMIST”
  • Telemedical scenario training

Full course: DKK 5.000 + VAT.
For larger groups please reach out for a special offer.

Our course takes place in our unique facilities and surroundings in Sandbjerg, Hørsholm. 

Please download and read our general order terms for all courses: General_Order_Terms(EN).pdf.