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Remote Medical Support

RMS – Fundamental

Course overview

Embark on a one-day journey into the world of remote medical support with our RMS Fundamental Course. Discover essential first aid skills that could be crucial, when medical help is distant. Delve into the basics of Radio Medical procedures, enabling you to communicate effectively in critical situations. Tailor your learning by choosing climate-specific content, whether it’s mastering the challenges of the Arctic, Tropical, Hostile environment.

Target Audience and previous course participants

Developed for individual or organization being medical remote and need to bridge the gaps between developed health care systems and the medical challenges of austere regions.

  • Scientists, adventurers and expedition enthusiasts operating in the medical remote regions.
  • Professionals from the offshore, maritime, or mining industries and energy sectors
  • Journalists, NGO and GO, Expatriate staff and executives.


Equip participants with the essential knowledge and skills to handle medical emergencies in austere environments where access to medical assistance is remote or insufficient.

  • Understand the unique challenges posed by the extreme climate or environments.
  • Perform a Primary Survey using the MABCDE approach.
  • Administer medical treatment for module specific climates or enviroment.
  • Operate and utilize basic telemedical technologies and equipment.