Life is a gift

Full of opportunities but also perils. Bright Bird is a modern Scandinavian Risk Management Company built by a passionate group of people to empower others to do business, travel and live freely anywhere in the world. We believe that only when you are prepared with the right knowledge, skills and attitude can you proceed with confidence.

Through our years of experience, we know the most efficient way to mitigate any risk is through a holistic safety approach that reaches far beyond any traditional security solution. One that combines your safety and your health and well-being. Where others talk about security, we prefer to think about safety. And where some barge in, we favor preparation and composed solutions.

That is why as a risk management company, our job is to empower you to do business, travel, and live freely. We will meticulously assess any current or expected worrisome situation you, your family, or your organization may face. With Bright Bird, you get the strategies, expert advice, tools, and training you need to handle any issue or situation.

To make that vision a reality, we run a full-scale private medical clinic in the beautiful surroundings of Skodsborg, and a state-of-the-art training facility, located at Sandbjerggard, north of Copenhagen, in addition to our team of seasoned specialists. These former elite soldiers, intelligence officers, cyber security professionals, police officers, lawyers, medical doctors, nurses, and psychologists, among others, are ready to prepare and support you 24/7. Giving you the freedom to pursue opportunities anywhere in the world.

Because nothing gives you wings like knowledge and preparation. Bright Birds, proceed with confidence.

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Indgang via. Medical Center.
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