Bright Bird offers a dedicated package and capacity to assist clients with (re)entry into Ukraine. Our customized solutions are designed to help businesses establish, operate, move, and stay secure in the country.

As a unique modern risk management company, we specialize in providing comprehensive security and medical services tailored to the specific needs and business activities of your company. Our Ukraine Specialists gather information from various sources and stakeholders, including business associations, government officials, and local partners, to gain a comprehensive understanding of the current situation and its effects on the ground.

Our range of services includes, but is not limited to:

  • General Advisory:
    • Expert advice on presence in Ukraine, including situational awareness reports, market analysis, and customized briefings/presentations.
  • Travel Management:
    • Comprehensive travel security service, including pre-travel security course and first-aid kit, travel preparation briefing, and secure transportation with experienced drivers trained in defensive driving techniques.
  • Business Activities:
    • Assistance with the establishment of your business activities in Ukraine, including on-site risk assessments and customized security solutions to mitigate risks.
    • Screening and vetting of counterparts, local employees, including sanctions checks.
  • Remote Medical Support:
    • Access to high-quality medical care in Ukraine, including a medical safety officer, medical clinic with diagnostics and essential labtests
    • Telemedical duty doctor 24/7 hotline
    • Pre-deployment medical training and leasing of medicine modules and medical equipment
  • Repatriation services:
    • Ensuring a safe return home in the event of an emergency.
  • Tailored Security & Safety Solutions:
    • Tailored security and safety solutions, including on-site risk assessments and customized plans to mitigate risks and ensure the safety and security of your presence and business operations.

Our team of security experts has extensive experience in Ukraine, and we work closely with local authorities and partners to ensure the safety and security of our clients.

By choosing Bright Bird, you can operate in Ukraine with confidence and peace of mind.