Who are we…

We are a risk management company. And our job is to empower you to do business, travel, and live freely. We will methodically assess any situation you, your family, or your organization may face. With Bright Bird, you get the strategies, expert advice, tools, and training you need to handle any issue or situation.

Giving you the freedom to proceed with confidence.

Products & Client Services

  • Risk & Intelligence

    Global providers of Risk Management Solutions

    Bright Bird provides a wide-ranging risk management solution which encompasses corporate investigations, integrity due diligence, on-site risk assessments, litigation support, and situational awareness report.

  • Remote Medical Support

    24/7 medical support for global ventures

    Remote Medical Support is a comprehensive telemedicine concept providing medical support in remote areas. Designed for global organizations and operations.

  • Your Digital Footprint

  • Wilderness First Responder Recertification Course