At Bright Bird, we excel in providing comprehensive business solutions in challenging regions. We offer a wide array of services, from tailored risk briefings and on-site inspections to custom assessments that meet sector-specific needs. We also facilitate engagement with local partners and authorities, provide travel security, and offer remote medical support, all grounded in an in-depth understanding of the region.

We guide our clients through the intricacies of this complex region, offering everything from implementation of security measures to general risk advisory services. This includes situational awareness reports, political and market analyses, and thorough screening of potential counterparts.

Our excellence stems from our dedicated teams of in-house specialists who actively engage in daily information collection and analysis. They draw insights from diverse sources, including business associations, governmental representatives, and local partners. This robust, multifaceted approach enables us to offer not just strategic consultation but practical implementations, making us your ideal partner in these dynamic and often volatile environments.

Being abreast of the situations and having first-hand knowledge allows us to ensure our solutions are always timely and apt.

Having a diverse range of expertise, our teams are ready to tackle even the most challenging scenarios, ensuring our partners can operate safely and efficiently in any region they choose.

In all our engagements, our primary focus is the success and safety of our clients. Your success is our success.

Risk & Intelligence

Regions of Expertise

  • Bright Bird offers a dedicated package and capacity to assist clients with (re)entry into Ukraine. Our customized solutions are designed to help businesses establish, operate, move, and stay secure in the country.


  • Bright Bird offers a specialized package and extensive capacity to support clients in navigating and operating in the Middle East and North Africa region. Our tailor-made Risk Management and Security, along with Medical Support solutions, are crafted to assist businesses in successfully operating, relocating, and maintaining safety and security within this dynamic and diverse geographical area.

    Middle East & North Africa