Who are we…

We are a risk management company. And our job is to empower you to do business, travel, and live freely. We will methodically assess any situation you, your family, or your organization may face. With Bright Bird, you get the strategies, expert advice, tools, and training you need to handle any issue or situation.

Giving you the freedom to proceed with confidence.

Products & Client Services

  • Remote Medical Support

    Your 24/7 solution – at home or abroad

    The Remote Medical Support (RMS) service is an all-in-one 24/7 medical support solution for world explorers: Individuals, families, and organizations.

  • Remote Medical Support Courses

  • RMS – Advanced

  • Risk & Intelligence

  • Remote Medical Support

  • Medical Safety Officer

  • Medical Packs & First-Aid Gear

  • DFR – Refresher Course for Previously Trained CPR Participants

  • DFR – First Responders with Special Responsibility

  • DFR – First Aid to Cardiac Arrest

  • Basic Life Support Courses (DFR)

A different kind of birds nest.

Nestled away just north of Copenhagen in Sandbjerg are our headquarters and state-of-the-art training facility. Here you can receive the instruction and guidance needed to hone your skills and prepare for anything. The bird’s nest gives us the unique opportunity to run exercises in hyper-realistic scenarios that mimic any climate condition– from extreme cold to intense heat.

The facilities are also a base for our seasoned specialists, former elite soldiers, intelligence officers, cyber security professionals, lawyers, doctors, nurses, and psychologists – among others. All ready to share their knowledge, passion, and extensive experience with risk management and advanced safety solutions.

Meet our core team.