Wilderness Courses

Wilderness – Basic Expedition Skills

Our 2-day hands-on training course in Basic Expedition Skills is designed for both new and experienced expedition members. Gain essential knowledge and preparedness for expedition life in a concise and practical manner.

The Basic Expedition Skills course provides participants with fundamental knowledge and practical skills to confidently undertake longer trips both individually and as a group. Through hands-on training and overnight camping in the wildlife, participants will learn essential abilities such as navigation using maps, compass, and GPS. Additionally, they will learn about effective communication including satellite communication. Participants will also learn basics such as camp setup including sleeping and cooking facilities, personal and group safety including the use of weapons, and understanding group dynamics.

Our experienced instructors will guide you throughout the course, preparing you for unexpected incidents and ensuring a positive and secure field expedition. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your skills and be fully prepared for your next adventure. Register now and be fully prepared for your next field expedition!