Counter-stalking & harassment Advisory is for you if…

You believe you are a victim of stalking or harassment in any form. Digital or physical.

You want the ability to gain back control of your life.

You seek the preventative guidance and knowledge to handle the situation in a proper manner.


Reclaim control of your life.

Get the tools to take back control.

Everyone is entitled to feel safe and have a sense of privacy, whether at home, at work, or in public. Stalking shatters that sense of safety.

Many victims have trouble managing the legal side of the situation on top of the emotional toll. Our mission is to give our clients their wings back, and we do that through a tailored, confidential, and safe advisory.

Why Counter-Stalking and Harassment is the advisory you need.

The comprehensive stalking and harassment advisory built to mitigate risks at every corner.

Our team of experienced professionals consists of former police, intelligence officers, risk advisory professionals, criminal profiling experts, and investigators. All of whom take your safety seriously and are here to handle your case. While providing you with the knowledge and skills you need to handle the situation.

Counter-Stalking and Harassment Advisory entails:
– Risk management & assessment
– Case building and investigation
– Legal & behavioral advice
– Cyber security
– Personal protection and intervention

Your choice

Two plans, different needs.

  • Advanced Advisory™

    Along with advanced situations, is a need for advanced advisory. A more comprehensive approach with uur dedicated team of experts gives you the tools necessary to get your wings back.

    • 2-hour interview of your situation with advisory
    • Evidence collection advisory and tools
    • Risk assessment and screening
    • Case handling and investigation including:
    • Risk Analysis
    • Behavioral profiling
    • Scenarioanalysis of possible outcomes
    • Case advisory and tools for response, physical and digital
    • 3 time 1-hour follow-up sessions
    • Full report with assessments and intervention methods
    / One time payment

Unwanted attention

Are you being stalked?

Stalking is difficult to categorize and often overlooked by authorities. It can involve unwanted, repeated, and continuous contact that is disturbing and frightening for the victim.

The form can be physical or digital and often begins as harassment. The perpetrator fixates on a particular person and engages in transgressive behaviours.

The most common stalking methods are through:
– Phone calls
– Text messages
– E-mails
– Surveillance
– Vandalism
– Threats
– Ordering gifts/products for the victim

Our BrightTrust solution can be tailored specifically to handle any form of stalking. So, do not hesitate to reach out to us if you think you are being physically or digitally stalked in any shape or form.

Lets build a service custom-tailored to your needs.

Rasmus is an honors graduate from the Danish Military Academy and brings more than 20 years of experience to the table. He has worked as an operational specialist for the Danish MoD in addition to his deployment to the ex-Yugoslavia & Afghanistan, where he operated in both specialist and management roles, earning him multiple commendations.

Rasmus Aagaard Ulfeldt

Head of Risk & Security