Reclaim control of your life.

Bright Bird – Your Special Advisor under special circumstances

We offer professional counter-stalking advisory from case officers with specialized knowledge for complex and difficult scenarios. Our case officers are certified within the field of stalking.

You can be sure on thorough and professional management of your case, including valuable information and assertiveness. Our case officers have professional experience from the police, military, and intelligence services, where they use their expertise to take care of all aspects of your case and ensure that you are always a step ahead to get your strength and control back.

Your case officer will create a strong cooperation with you and develop strategies and safety measurements and precautions specifically for your situation and needs. We will help you collect evidence and information and give you legal advisory and guidance as well as supporting you in your contact with the authorities.

We will understand the process that led you to this situation and investigate your current case thoroughly to find the best option to help and handle your situation – your stalking experience should not go unnoticed.