Danish Firstaid Council

DFR – First Responders with Special Responsibility

Become a capable responder in emergency situations with our targeted first aid course. Designed for those entrusted with the responsibility of helping others, you’ll learn effective responses to cardiac arrest, bleeding, and serious illnesses. Acquire essential skills to provide first aid for fractures, injuries, burns, and poisonings. Our hands-on and scenario-based training approach ensures real-life readiness and confidence when it matters most.

This course is designed for individuals with a special responsibility for others. Gain the knowledge to respond correctly in emergency situations where time is critical, such as cardiac arrest, bleeding, and serious illnesses. The first responder’s ability to act decisively is crucial.

After completing the course, you will be equipped to provide first aid for various injuries and illnesses, including bone fractures, common minor injuries, burns, chemical burns, poisonings, and identification of symptoms of serious illnesses. Bright Bird prioritizes skill training and hands-on experience in our teaching methodology, recognizing that first aid is best learned through practical application.

The course culminates in realistic scenario training, closely simulating real-life situations. We utilize high-quality educational equipment that provides direct feedback on the quality of first aid given, resulting in an accelerated learning curve.

3 reasons to choose this course:

  • You will learn how to respond decisively and correctly in emergencies, particularly for cardiac arrest, bleeding, and serious illnesses.
  • You will acquire essential skills to provide first aid for a wide range of injuries and illnesses, from bone fractures to chemical burns and poisonings.
  • Our teaching approach emphasizes hands-on training and realistic scenario-based exercises to enhance your first-aid skills in a practical setting.