Bright Bird

Duty Doctor

Duty Doctors – a trained medical expert at hand 24/7/365.

Bright Bird’s Duty Doctors are specialist physicians dedicated to providing remote medical expertise 24/7/365. With a solid foundation in remote medicine, these professionals extend their services across various challenging environments, ensuring that expert medical consultations and support are always within reach.

Our Specialists

Our Duty Doctor team is a diverse group of medical experts

  • Diverse Expertise: From anesthesiology to tropical medicine, our team comprises emergency physicians, intensivists, cardiologists, and more.
  • Field Experience: With a experience in telemedicine, austere, expedition, and tactical medicine, our Duty Doctors are well-equipped to manage diverse medical challenges.

Supported sectors

Our telemedical RMS-concept is tailored to serve a wide range of clients and sectors:

  • Scientific, commercial, tropical, maritime, and arctic expeditions.

  • Journalists in conflict zones.

  • Expatriates in third-world countries.

  • Commercial maritime sectors and mining operations

  • Organizations deploying consultants to medically remote locations.