Medical Safety Officers are for you if…

You require medical guidance and support for operations and expeditions in extreme conditions.

You want to ensure the safety of your staff and crew members while in remote locations.

You need a professional to manage all aspects of first-aid planning prior and during your journey.

Medical safety officers

Ensure safety and medical guidance anywhere.

Having professional medical assistance available when necessary is a key aspect of traveling safely.

Remote operations require specialized medical support. No matter the location, whether it is an academic research expedition into the article circle or a business venture taking you into the heart of the amazon, you and your crew must put safety at the forefront. And that means having the backing of someone with a unique skill set.

Each MSO is carefully picked to meet your operational requirements.

Our Medical Safety Officers (MSOs) provide that expert support, covering all aspects of medical planning and mapping out potential risks, even prior to departure. And if an emergency were to occur, the MSO would also manage and coordinate with local authorities as well as search and rescue services. Helping to further mitigate any potential risk to your health while overseas and handling any situation that might come your way.

Medical safety officer

That special skillset.

All our MSOs are trained doctors, paramedics, nurses, or special forces medics with over five years of international operational experience – each with their own unique background and expertise.

In addition to their vast experience, our MSOs come with the full support of our Bright Bird infrastructure. Giving them access to our state-of-the-art training facility in Sandbjerg, Denmark, as well as the full spectrum of all our health services at their disposal.

Granting you and the MSOs the backing needed to tackle any challenge you could face in the field. Ultimately letting you proceed with confidence.

With Medical Safety Officers, you get:

  • Trained & experienced staff
  • “On the spot” assessments & consultations
  • 24/7 accessibility to all facilities and services
  • Access to telemedicine support & state-of-the-art equipment
  • Operational environment & multidisciplinary on-site training
  • Contingency planning & internal conflict management
  • Ongoing updates, security briefings, etc.
  • Internal conflict management

During any Remote Medical Operation, our MSOs will establish a Remote Medical Facility. The medical facility will vary in size and resources according to the specific expedition requirements. Bright Bird MSOs have vast experience in setting up and running varying sizes of Remote Medical Facilities.

Lets build a service custom-tailored to your needs.

With an M.D. in anesthesiology and intensive care medicine and a background in the Danish Special Forces, Thomas brings with him 25 years of expert knowledge encompassing security and intelligence operations, remote and wilderness medicine, and private health care services.