A custom-tailored solution…

Bright Bird Remote Medical Support (RMS) is a 24/7 medical solution for remote locations. Our RMS is handled by experienced medical professionals and is an all-in-one comprehensive service for individuals, families, companies, and organizations. It acts as an invisible safety net for those who operate in areas with low healthcare standards or where medical resources are scarce.

Be safe anywhere

All-in-one medical support

The best preventative medicine is preparation. And the best preparation needs to be as realistic as possible.

Our remote medical support course is tailored to provide you with the knowledge and skills to respond to medical emergencies in remote locations. Topics may include wilderness first aid, trauma management, and communication in remote areas. Participants will learn how to assess and stabilize patients, use medical equipment, and make evacuation decisions. The course may be tailored to specific environments such as mountains, deserts, or jungles.

Our Remote Medical Support consist of the following elements. We recommend the full program but please contact us for a tailored solution.

Pre-Travel medical intelligence