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Bright Bird Remote Medical Support (RMS) is a 24/7 medical solution for remote locations. Our RMS is handled by experienced medical professionals and is an all-in-one comprehensive service for individuals, families, companies, and organizations. It acts as an invisible safety net for those who operate in areas with low healthcare standards or where medical resources are scarce.

Be safe anywhere

All-in-one medical support

The best preventative medicine is preparation. And the best preparation needs to be as realistic as possible.

Our remote medical support course is tailored to provide you with the knowledge and skills to respond to medical emergencies in remote locations. Topics may include wilderness first aid, trauma management, and communication in remote areas. Participants will learn how to assess and stabilize patients, use medical equipment, and make evacuation decisions. The course may be tailored to specific environments such as mountains, deserts, or jungles.

Our Remote Medical Support consist of the following elements. We recommend the full program but please contact us for a tailored solution.

Pre-Travel medical intelligence

The pre-travel medical intelligence report focuses on medical local hazards, infrastructure and resources and existing evacuation systems. Our Risk Advisory team prepare and generate a comprehensive report based on information delivered by you. The report be delivered in writing or as an oral briefing. Either way, a specific “consultation and evacuation plan” for your adventure will be provided to you.

Pre-travel health examinations and psychological evaluations

Members in good health both mentally and physically, will decrease the risk of medical incidents during the journey or expedition. Being aware of any preexisting medical issues greatly improves the quality of any telemedical advice via our RMSD Duty Doctors or other similar service. Thus, we recommend all members of families, expeditions and operations to complete a health and psychological questionnaire for low-risk travel and a more thorough physical health check and a compact psychological assessment.

For more information see (BrightExpedition link)

Remote medical training and expedition safety training

Being able to care for medical and health incidents whenever they arise is one of the most crucial skills required when living or operating in medical remote areas. Our module-based RMS course is designed to provide you with the skill, knowledge and attitude required for your journey. You are trained in lifesaving procedures, and administration of potent medicine. In our climate simulators you train the essential medical and safety skills in an ultra-realistic environment during multiple medical scenarios. Our instructors consist of expedition medics and physicians, former operators from the Sirius Dog Sledge Patrol and Danish Special operation Forces, psychologists, and climate experts.

For more information check our 2 RMS courses; Fundamental and Advanced.

Medical equipment, medicine modules and first aid gear

Preparation is paramount. Our RMS course provide you with the essential knowledge, skills and attitude but when the unexpected happens, being equipped with the right gear is principal. Our medical kits, medicine modules and first aid gear have given us the upper hand against the elements on our own adventures and expeditions for the last two decades. These are the same composed kits we provide for your RMS training and for your following expedition, journey, or operation.

Click here for more information about our Medical Packs and First-Aid Gear.

A team of medical experts ready to support your journey

An essential part of the RMS service is our Duty Doctors. They are a small and carefully selected team of seasoned phycisians and psychologist spanning a wide range of competencies, such as anesthesiology, emergency medicine, cardiology, tropical and infection medicine, surgeons, and gynecology. Through the Duty Docter you gain access to our advanced medicine modules and their mission is to support you should any minor og major incident occur – providing you with the freedom of feeling safe


Nothing gives you wings
like knowledge and preparation.

  • RMS Fundamental Course (2-days)

    Our RMS-course can consist of up to 4 days of education, where you choose to take all the days together or when it fits you, within a 2-year period. Each day you will be given the skills to use our medical packs, the complexity of the skills will be accumulated on how many days you are on the course.

  • RMS Advanced Course (2 days)

    Main focus on developing your medical skills, learn how to use our Remote Base Camp Medic Pack, as well as specializing in telemedical treatment. The complexity of the skills will be accumulated on how many days you are on the course.

Lets build a service custom-tailored to your needs.

With an M.D. in anesthesiology and intensive care medicine and a background in the Danish Special Forces, Thomas brings with him 25 years of expert knowledge encompassing security and intelligence operations, remote and wilderness medicine, and private health care services.