Remote Medical Support

RMS – Advanced

Course overview

Embark on a comprehensive one-day expedition into the realm of advanced remote medical support. This intensive 1-day RMS Advanced Course is a part of our Remote Medical Support program and equips you with the expertise needed to deliver medical care in challenging remote settings. Navigate airway management, tackle head and spinal injuries, learn advanced wound treatment techniques and how to administer advanced medicine. Immerse yourself in scenarios that mirror real-world challenges, and gain access to specialized medical equipment tailored for expeditions and remote operations. Designed for professional remote expeditions and operations deployed to medical isolated regions og commercial sectors, this program empowers participants to safeguard the well-being of the team members even in the most remote environments.

Target Audience and previous course participants

Developed for individual or organization being medical remote and need to bridge the gaps between developed health care systems and the medical challenges of austere regions.

  • Scientists, adventurers and expedition enthusiasts operating in the medical remote regions.
  • Professionals from the offshore, maritime, or mining industries and energy sectors
  • Journalists, NGO and GO, Expatriate staff and executives.


  • Manage and maintain airways in challenging environments.
  • Administer advanced treatment for head and spinal injuries.
  • Exhibit proficiency in advanced wound treatment techniques.
  • Utilize specialized equipment tailored for remote medical care.
  • Manage administration of advanced medicine injections