Remote Medical Support (RMS)  is for you if…

You want to be prepared and ready to take medical control of an emergency situation in a remote area.

You seek professional instructors for your First Aid education.

You want to build confidence for operating in a remote area.

What is RMS?

Master how to give medical care in any situation and location. Our Remote Medical Support course offers up to 4 days of expert-led education, tailored to your schedule and flexible to fit your needs. You’ll learn the skills to take best advantage of our medical packs. The level of expertise you’ll acquire is proportional to the number of days you spend on the course, with a tailored curriculum designed to match your progress and mastery of the skills.


RMS Courses

  • RMS – Fundamental

    This is a course for you who wants a fundamental understanding of RMS

  • RMS – Intermediate

    For you who has completed our RMS Fundamental, but wants to be better prepared

  • RMS – Advanced

    For you who has completed the other RMS courses and wants the ultimate preparation

RMS overview

RMS gives you the skills to proceed with confidence

Bright Bird combined Services

Remote Medical Support is Bright Birds most comprehensive course as it combines both our Academy, RISK and Health department. We have invested a lot of effort and manpower into supporting our customer with this service so they can feel safe and prepared, when traveling, going on expeditions or work in a deserted area. In order to give the full insight in a typical RMS setup we have described and visualized how the departments contribute to our RMS solution and how our customer can benefit from it.

Joint Department Solution

Our RISK department will advise if there is any anticipated problems or challenges in the area of an expedition, vacation or remote worksite. The Academy department will host the RMS course enabling the customer to perform quality first aid, with Bright Birds medic equipment. Our Health department will support you if an accident occurs with quality advise when contacting our 24/7 Duty Doctor. The advice is scaled to your level of skill and what equipment and medicine you have issued from Bright Bird.

Decision of dedication

Bright Bird is aware that factors such as time available to receive education and the level of skill required to an expedition is factors that will impact the customer´s choice of education for skillset. Bright Bird have accommodated these considerations and have divided our RMS program up in 3 modules in order to fulfill our customer´s needs for the level of skills that fits the customer.

RMS cours overview

RMS Module 1 Fundamental

RMS Module 2 Intermediate

RMS Module 3 Advanced

This is our most basic program. It is 1 day of quality hands on education that will give the participant the basic of first aid and a short introduction to Radio Medical procedure. In the course there will be a climate specific content that the participants can choose. The climate zones are Arctic, Maritime and Mountain. The first aid will be of same standard and length but for the climate specific content it will be different depending which climate zone our customer chooses. Per default we recommend the Arctic because the effect of cold is almost present in all terrains and destinations and hence this will be a good general foundation for our RMS modules. The Arctic is also a very demanding climate to operate in and which is mastered there is lots of experiences that can be transferred to other climate zones.

This RMS Fundamental is mainly for participants on expedition that wants basic knowledge of first aid with no specific responsibility to others.

Duration: 1 day of education

This is our medium program. It is a 1 day quality hands on education, that gives the participant a better understanding of first aid, which is based on the skills learned in module 1. In this module there is also more focus on Radio Medical procedures, with contact to our 24/7 duty doctors and the training scenarios will be more complex.

This course is mainly for a leader or member of an expedition that will have more responsibility for other members in regard to first aid.

Duration: 1 day of education

This is our most advanced program. It is a 2 day course, where education and equipment will be more complex and more difficult scenarios will be used. This course will also give access to our largest medical equipment cases, which is designed for expedition camps or work camps. The medical equipment will be suited for medical support of several expedition members or coworkers in a remote base.

This course is mainly for the person, who is the expeditions medic and have a greater responsibility for others in a basecamp on an expedition.

Duration: 2 days of education