Remote Medical Support courses

Be prepared and ready to take medical control of an emergency situation in a remote area.

Professional instructors for your First Aid education.

Build the crucial confidence for operation in a remote setting.

What is RMS Courses

The courses known simply as RMS courses are a part of Bright Birds’ comprehensive Remote Medical Support program. This pioneering telemedical concept is designed to provide extensive medical assistance to individuals, companies, and organizations operating in remote, harsh, and high-risk areas referred to as “medical remote.”

Our telemedical approach caters to diverse groups, including those on scientific, tropical, maritime, or Arctic expeditions, journalists in conflict zones, expatriate staff in developing countries, as well as the commercial maritime and offshore industry. Our mission is to enhance the safety and well-being of personnel in challenging and remote areas through a unique blend of advanced telemedical technologies, equipment, medicine, competency training, and deployment of medical professionals.

The RMS courses are competency training focused on handling illness or injuries in places far from medical assistance or where help is insufficient.

Our Experience

Based on our extensive experience with operating in “medical remote” locations, we’ve developed the RMS course, which is structured into three modules:

All our courses and imparted skills are geared towards specific treatment packages, medicine modules, and technological solutions. This increases the likelihood of successfully navigating adverse situations.


RMS Courses