Remote Medical Support

RMS – Fundamental

This is a 1 day course packed with quality education that prepares you to your next adventure.

This is our Fundamental program that teaches you the basics of RMS. It is 1 day of quality hands on education that will give the participant the fundamentals of first aid and a short introduction to Radio Medical procedure. In the course there will be a climate specific content that the participants can choose. The climate zones are Arctic, Maritime and Mountain. The first aid will be of same standard and length but for the climate specific content it will be different depending which climate zone our customer chooses. Per default we recommend the Arctic because the effect of cold is almost present in all terrains and destinations and hence this will be a good general foundation for our RMS modules. The Arctic is also a very demanding climate to operate in and which is mastered there is lots of experiences that can be transferred to other climate zones.

This RMS Fundamental is mainly for participants on expedition that wants basic knowledge of first aid with no specific responsibility to others.

Basics and requirements for all RMS Fundamental Courses

Course duration: 1 day (8 hours)

Include: Beverages, snacks and lunch

Requirements for attending the course:

  • 15 years of age

Open course: DKK 2.400 + VAT.
For larger groups please reach out for a special offer.

Our course takes place in our unique facilities and surroundings in Sandbjerg, Hørsholm.

Upcoming Fundamental Arctic courses

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  • RMS Fundamental Arctic Course (14/6-2023)

  • RMS Fundamental Arctic Course (13/6-2023)