Travel Risk Advisory

The all-in-one
risk management solution.

Our special services include a Travel Risk Advisory and Executive Advisory Program. Each tailor a 360° risk management strategy to ensure your safety and the safety of your family or staff when working or traveling in high-risk areas abroad.

Proper preparation increases the chance of success while decreasing the risk of failure. Our Travel Risk program is a comprehensive risk assessment, letting you identify the risks relevant to you, your staff, and your task. Designing a sound risk management and security strategy in the process.

The Travel Risk Advisory program considers information such as culture and customs, infrastructure, possible security risks, local events, and dos and don’ts, amongst other factors. Tailoring a comprehensive security report for you prior to travel.

This complete risk assessment ensures your transportation and accommodation are safe and secure while minimizing any risk or challenge that may come your way.

That means you get the necessary information about local infrastructure, rules and customs, important events, and health concerns. In addition, we provide a safe means of transportation for you while abroad. That entails qualified drivers, local security agents, and our risk management professionals, as well as vehicles that meet each and every safety standard. Plus, all accommodation provided is secure and carefully selected to offer you the comfort you are accustomed to.

Our personnel not only manage your safety when traveling through unfamiliar areas or within high-risk countries but arrange everything necessary to ensure a secure travel route. Giving you the freedom to travel, do business, and live freely.

Risk Advisory

Ukraine: Assistance for Your Business

and activities

Bright Bird has developed a dedicated capacity to assist you with your (re)entry into Ukraine. This package is designed to help you with the establishment, operations, mobility, and security of your business and activities in the country.

We specialize in providing customized solutions tailored to your specific needs and business activities in Ukraine. On a daily basis, our Country Specialists are collecting information and input from different sources and stakeholders, such as business associations, government officials, and local partners, to gain a comprehensive understanding of the present situation and its effects. Our range of services includes, but is not limited to:

General Advisory

  • Situational Awareness Reports
  • Market Analysis
  • Briefings/Presentations tailored to your requirements
  • Screening & Vetting of counterparts, incl. Sanctions Check

Travel Management

  • Travel advice and solutions

Business Activities

  • Establishment of your business activities
  • On-Site Risk Assessments

Medical Support

  • Medical Safety Officer
  • Duty Doctor Hotline

Tailored Security & Safety Solutions