Wilderness Courses

Wilderness – Weapons Course

Take charge of your safety in wildlife areas by mastering rifle handling. Our course provides expert guidance on gun safety, shooting techniques, and self-protection against wildlife. Participants will learn to carry and safeguard the weapon, as well as proper maintenance practices. Gain the confidence and skills needed to navigate wildlife environments with a firearm.

Master the safe operation of a rifle in wildlife settings with our comprehensive course. Gain a deep understanding of firearm power and develop respect for the weapon, ensuring your safety and that of others.

Course highlights:

  • Learn gun safety to handle rifles safely and carry them responsibly. Identify and address unsafe gun handling practices in others.
  • Develop shooting skills, although mastery requires practice and experience. By the end of the course, participants will be capable of accurately hitting wild animals at a safe distance.
  • Acquire the knowledge of aiming for vital parts of wild animals and discerning when to take a shot.

Join us to enhance your rifle skills and navigate wildlife environments with confidence.