Our Whistleblowing solution is right for your company if…

You want a solution with bigger potential than just adhering to the Danish whistleblower act.

You are seeking a whistleblowing solution that is compliant with regulations and managed by professionals with experience in the intelligence services.

Your desire is to safeguard your business with the finest whistleblowing solution available in Denmark.

An easy, simple and responsible whistleblowing solution

  • BrightAware Whistleblowing solution

    Our whistleblowing solution provides your employees with the ability to, safely, securely and anonymously, submit a report about suspicious or illegal activities on our user-friendly software. Our solution adheres to the Danish law about whistleblowing.

    • Our solution is compliant and adheres to current legislations
    • All reports will be managed by competent professionals with backgrounds in the police, military, and intelligence services
    • Our end-to-end encrypted software enables the submission of written and audio reports
    • We guarantee that your whistleblower platform will be up and running within 48 hours
    • The platform will be tailored to match your visual identity
    • 2-hour online introduction with key personnel in your organization
    • User manual for your company and employees
    • Language of your choice (DK/EN as standard)
    • Our handling and case management services are offered at an hourly rate, which will be agreed upon before the start of the engagement
    • Alternatively, you may choose to pay for case management by pre-paid package for more advantageous pricing
    / Year

* Hourly rates

Prepaid 25 hours – 895 DKK/hour, 50 hours – 695 DKK/hour.

Baserate: 995 DKK/hour,

All prices are excl. VAT.

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    Our whistleblowing solution

    Secure your business and employees.

    Starting December 17th, 2023, companies with over 50 employees will be required to comply with the EU’s Whistleblower directive.

    Having a whistleblower platform is essential for maintaining the integrity, sincerity, and transparency of your company when it comes to dealing with potential illegal and serious irregularities. Implementing a whistleblower solution provides your employees with a safe and secure channel to report problems within the organization without the fear of reprisal, thus increasing the likelihood of problems being addressed.

    Bright Bird fulfills the standards set by the Danish whistleblower act and pledges to abide by the principles of independence, confidentiality, duty of confidentiality, and data protection mandated by the law.

    By selecting Bright Bird as your external third-party, we assure you that we will provide you with a whistleblowing solution that always aligns with the current provisions of the whistleblower act.

    Our whistleblower platform is managed by expert professionals who possess extensive knowledge in handling whistleblowers and ensuring the genuineness, thoroughness, and confidentiality of information. Our specialists, who have backgrounds in the police, military, and intelligence services, will take care of all aspects concerning the reports, including acknowledging receipt of the report, engaging in dialogue with the whistleblower, and providing feedback. If any potential investigation is required, it will be agreed upon in advance with your company.

    To ensure that we have a shared understanding of the whistleblower framework and the subsequent process, we will collaborate with your company representative to develop a standard procedure for handling reports as part of our cooperation with your company and employees.

    Our specialists approach every report with a comprehensive perspective and recognize the significance of protection both the whistleblower and your company.


    Protecting the whistleblower.

    The majority of people are hesitant about involving themselves in whistleblower processes. With 80% fearing legal repercussions and 78% fearing financial repercussions.

    BrightAware takes traditional whistleblower reporting systems a couple of steps further, providing the most comprehensive and fully compliant third-party whistleblower solution commercially available. What makes this solution different is that we take the burden of the whistleblower process onto our shoulders, so you can negate any conflict of interest and avoid any unnecessary waste of company recourses.

    Our skilled team of compliance professionals and investigators will tailor a whistleblower system to your organizational needs, all backed by end-to-end encrypted compliance software. Ensuring the integrity of the reporting system, the safety of your employees, proper case handling, and a streamlined and cost-effective process.

    *) Source: ACFE. “Occupational Fraud 2022: A Report to the Nations.” Occupational Fraud 2022 (2022): 1-96.

    Lets build a service custom-tailored to your needs.

    Rasmus is an honors graduate from the Danish Military Academy and brings more than 20 years of experience to the table. He has worked as an operational specialist for the Danish MoD in addition to his deployment to the ex-Yugoslavia & Afghanistan, where he operated in both specialist and management roles, earning him multiple commendations.

    Rasmus Aagaard Ulfeldt

    Head of Risk & Security