Wilderness Courses  is for you if…

You want the knowledge and skills to manage potential challenges to your safety in the Wilderness.

You want to prepared when travelling or working in challenging conditions.

You are looking for the right tools and guidance needed to take back control in the Wilderness.

What is Wilderness Courses?

We at Bright Bird have constructed a portfolio of courses, all with the focus on enhancing your safety when travelling or being in the Wilderness. Bright Bird have chosen these courses to prepare the participants for the Wilderness experiences in a professional manor. The courses includes both First Aid, Basic expedition skills, weapons handling among others. We believe that these courses will prepare the participants to travel into the wilderness with confidence.


Wilderness Courses

  • Wilderness First Aid

    For those who is new to the wilderness or wants to be better prepared for the next adventure

  • Wilderness First Responder

    For those who wants to help others in the wild

  • Wilderness First Responder Recertification Course

    For those who has taken the Wilderness First Responder but need a recertification

  • Basic Expedition Skills

    For those in seeking the right preparation before the next expedition

  • Weapons Course

    For those going to remote areas with wild animals